Costa Brava


Sailing tips in the Costa Brava

Cap de Creus

Come and discover one of the wildest areas of the Costa Brava, be aware that at some points you may not have coverage.

Garbí Wind

On Garbí days, the wind blows intensely from 13h to 16h, so we always recommend that you look for a sheltered anchorage for those hours.

Base camp

The Illes Medes will serve you as shelter or base camp, thanks to the distribution of its buoys you will always have a safe anchorage.

Attention to the rocks

Navigate with caution, areas with rocks at the water's edge are difficult to see. Use the nautical chart and let the BeTeam advise you.

La Roca Foradada

Passing inside the Roca Foradada is a must, with caution if there is bad weather and respecting the boats coming in the opposite direction.

Book your restaurant

Make sure you will enjoy its good gastronomy: always book in high season and out of season, make sure they offer the service!

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these FAQs will answer your questions. If you don't find the answer you are looking for, please contact us!

  • Can I rent a boat if I don't have a licence?
  • What services are included in the charter service?
  • Are you open all year round?
  • What happens if I have an incident during the rental?
  • What documents do I need to bring on board?

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Rent a boat in L'Estartit!

Discover the Costa Brava from the sea

Over the years the Costa Brava has reaffirmed itself as a destination for seafarers, from its seafaring origins to the maritime tourist destination it has become today. A recommended spot to rent a boat on the Costa Brava is L'Estartit, a summer resort town, which is located just under a kilometer from the Medes Islands and is ideal for snorkeling, diving, paddle surfing and exploring the marine life. 

L'Estartit is a fantastic place to sail during the spring and summer months! The ideal season for sailing is usually from May to September. During these months, temperatures are warmer and there is less chance of rain, allowing you to better enjoy the sea and nautical activities.

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In our BeCharter base located in the yacht club, main port of L'Estartit, you will find a wide variety of boats up to 9 meters long that allow you to sail with up to 10 people on board. In this area of the Costa Brava renting a boat or motorboat per day is a great option to enjoy the rocky coves and a weekend on a boat with friends and/or family. 

Remember to follow our sailing tips of the area so you are prepared for your adventure and if you want, you can choose one of our 3 suggested places in the area (Cala Pedrosa, Medas Islands and Cala Montgó) when planning your next sailing route in L'Estartit.

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