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4.800€per week
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Basic information


11.42 m

Max. capacity:

12 people (12 Pax. sleeping on board)


4 Double cabins, 1 Convertible lounge


2 toilets

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Technical data

Brand: Excess

Model: 11

Beam: 6.59 m

Draft: 1.15 m

Fuel tank: 400 l

Motorisation: 58hp

Fuel: Diesel

Year: 2024




electronic wind instruments



depth sounder


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Boat location: Palma, Islas Baleares


Mandatory Extras

Comfort Pack

500 €

Optional Extras

Pet on board

60 €

Seabob (deposit 300€)

90 €

Damage Waiver

590 €

Professional Skipper

250 €

Cooking or Deck Staff

200 €

Booking conditions

1.- Suspensive Condition.

As a suspensive condition the validity of the present contract is subject to the payment by the lessee of the reservation amount agreed in the following Terms and Conditions, as reservations are not valid until said payment is made.

2.- Payment and Reservation

In order for the reservation of the vessel to become binding, 50% of the rental amount shall be paid, whereby no vessel shall be considered definitively reserved until the above mentioned payment is made. The remaining 50 % shall be paid in advance, at least one month before starting the cruise, whereby the reservation shall be considered null and void in case the payment is not settled. Non-compliance with payment obligations stated in the present contract shall result in the automatic cancellation of the executed reservation.
By executing a reservation and by settling the advance payments the client accepts all conditions mentioned in the present Terms and Conditions below. 

3.- Documentation.

In case of chartering a vessel without skipper, the client must possess valid documentation that certifies his competence to sail with the vessel in question. Well in advance of the planned date of delivery of the vessel the lessee shall duly exhibit a copy of the license or permit, as well as ID card or passport of the person who will discharge the function of skipper of the vessel. In case of any non-compliance in this matter, the ship owner declines any liability, and the lessee shall be liable for any expenses that might result. The ship owner reserves the right to refuse to make the vessel available to the lessee if the skipper does not appear to possess the necessary expertise and competencies regardless of the license exhibited. In this case, the received amounts shall be refunded and the contract shall automatically be void.

4.- Duration.

The rental period stipulated in the contract cannot be varied or altered without prior authorisation by the lessor.
Day Charter: from 10am till 18pm -- Half Day Charter: from 10am till 14pm or from 14pm till 18pm -- Extra cost per hour: 120€
Week Charter: Check In Saturday from 16pm till 18pm-- Check Out Saturday maximum at 10am

5.- Navigation Range.

The allowed navigation range is comprised within the coastlines of Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Island, whereby the contract is equally restricted by the competencies certified in the license presented by the skipper. The lessee shall request written permission from the ship owner in order to navigate in areas other than the ones mentioned above. A breech of said obligation shall imply the automatic cancellation of the contract and the forfeiture of the amounts previously paid, regardless of the payment of fees and of liabilities which may have resulted from said misuse.

6.- Use of the Vessel.

The lessee undertakes:

a. to use the chartered vessel properly, and to comply with the rules established by maritime authorities.
b. not to transport on board a number of passengers exceeding the number of people allowed by the certificate of seaworthiness of the vessel, to use the vessel only for leisure purposes, and not to take part in regattas. Moreover, he undertakes not to cede, subcontract or sublet the vessel, neither in part nor as a whole.
c. not to carry animals on board, except if there is authorisation by the ship owner.
d. not to carry weapons, drugs, or any products which might violate Spanish laws.
e. The towing of other vessels is strictly forbidden; likewise the chartered vessel shall only be towed in an emergency and only using the vessel’s own ropes in order to minimise rescue costs. The lessee shall not enter into agreements, nor shall he accept any responsibilities without prior authorisation of the ship owner.
f. In case dangerous weather conditions are indicated in the weather or sea forecasts (wind speed over 6 Beaufort or 27 wind knots) the lessee undertakes not to leave the harbour in which he finds himself or to go to the nearest safe harbour or anchorage. The lessee must be aware at all times of the meteorological conditions in order to have a navigation plan that allows him to ensure the integrity of the vessel without incurring unnecessary risks.
g. not to leave the vessel in high seas without an experienced crew member on board, to always sail with the sails most appropriate to the weather conditions, thus ensuring a safe sailing and a bearable strain on the sails, mast, rigging, sprit and other equipment.
h. not to use cleaning products or utensils which may cause damage to the vessel.
i. to be liable for any damage or impairment that may occur on the chartered vessel, as well as for the loss of any of its components and for any delay in returning the vessel.
j. to be liable for any theft or loss of the dinghy if it is not stowed in a closed chest or properly strapped in the deck of the vessel.
k. The lessee shall be responsible for all consequences resulting from anchoring, especially for measures required in case of wind or current changes.
l. to be liable for the actions of all people named on the passengers list, whose number on board shall by no means exceed the maximum capacity of the vessel.
m. to use the vessel exclusively for touristic or leisure purposes; under no circumstance shall the vessel be used for commercial purposes, for professional fishing and transportation, sports competitions and regattas, nor for any other use which is incompatible with the purpose of the vessel. The lessee, as the sole person in charge of the vessel during the rental period, shall use the vessel responsibly, complying with the rules of the competent authorities, being the sole and exclusive party in charge and liable for any consequences which may derive from non-compliance. 

to notify and to pay the supplement for participating in non-professional regattas. In this case a franchise of at least 5% of the insured capital and never less than 3.000 EUR (see respective clause in the insurance policy) shall be charged. Under no circumstances may underwritten and/or sponsored regattas be performed. Explicitly excluded from insurance coverage under the valid policy are sails which are ripped by the wind or ripped off when they are unfurled, as well as damage to masts, equipment, tackles and riggings during a regatta.

to be liable for damage or loss which may occur to the personal property of the passengers during the rental period.


7.- Expenditures Assumed by the Lessee.

All costs for provisioning, fuel, lubricants, gas, ice, moorage in harbours and marinas, and generally all material and maintenance expenditures for the vessel during the rental period are not included in the rental price and shall be assumed exclusively by the lessee.

8.- Inventory

Upon delivery of the vessel, within regular business hours, both parties shall proceed to carry out the check-in and the corresponding inventory. Once the check-in and inventory are completed, the corresponding confirmation and compliance documents shall be signed. The lessee may not refuse to carry out the check-in procedure, or to sign the above mentioned documents, although with the notices he deems necessary. The execution of the check-in within the above mentioned term of the present contract does not imply an extension of the term by the time period required for the check-in.

9 .- Return of the Vessel.

The vessel shall be returned within the time and in the place stipulated in the terms and conditions of the present contract. When the vessel is returned the check-out will be executed jointly by both parties, whereby the process shall be concluded by issuing and signing the corresponding confirmation and compliance documents. 

The lessee declares that he is aware of the condition of the vessel, and therefore he explicitly accepts returning the vessel in the same condition in which he has received it, with full water and fuel tanks, with equipment (fuel for the kitchen) and gear tidied up and properly stowed. Fees and moorage outside of the harbour are not included in the price. Should the vessel not be returned in this condition, the cost of filling said tanks to capacity shall be deducted from the safety deposit, and an additional fee of 120 EUR incl. VAT will be charged for the manpower needed to replace the necessary supplies.

The lessee shall plan the cruise in such a way as to return the vessel within the agreed term, taking into account possible adverse conditions which may occur. In any case, these shall not constitute reason enough to justify a delay in returning the vessel. If for unexpected and harsh weather conditions the return of the vessel is delayed, the lessee shall notify the ship owner. For each day, or fraction thereof, by which the return of the vessel to the port of origin is delayed for whatever reason a penalty in the amount of double the applied the rate shall be charged for damage and impairment. Bad weather cannot be invoked as a cause for delay.

Upon returning the vessel a review of the vessel and of its inventory and equipment shall be carried out. If there are any damages to the vessel or to its equipment, as well as missing items, the lessor shall deduct from the safety deposit the amount required to carry out the necessary repairs or replacements.
The vessel shall be returned to the same harbour in which it was delivered. In order to return it to a different harbour the lessee shall require explicit permission of the ship owner. In this case, the lessee shall remain on the vessel until a person authorised by the ship owner takes possession of the vessel. The lessee shall bear all costs resulting from this change of return harbour.

Should any harm or damage to the equipment or any impairment in the functioning of the vessel, or any missing inventory item or equipment component be noticed after the check-out, the lessee will be charged the amount required for any repair or replacement of items. Said amount shall be determined, in the case of components, based of the value recorded by the lessor in his accounting books, which shall be exhibited, for this purpose, to the lessee, and in case of repair work, on the basis of the quote obtained from a specialised company. Should the return of the vessel be delayed, the lessee shall be liable for all costs which may result from said delay, both for the ship owner/lessor and for his clients who may have chartered the vessel for subsequent periods. 

If after 24 hours after the end of the contract the vessel has not been returned yet, and if there are no news of said vessel, a search will be initiated and the marine authorities will be notified of the disappearance of the vessel. The costs which may result from this will be charged to the lessee. Moreover, the time needed for the repair of damages found on the vessel, or a second repair following repair work carried out or contracted by the lessee and performed incorrectly, shall also be considered a delay in returning the vessel.

10.- Inability of the Lessor to Deliver the Vessel.

If the lessor is unable to deliver the chartered vessel due to a break-down or through no fault of his own, for causes originating prior to the beginning of the charter agreement, he shall deliver a vessel with the same or similar characteristics. Should this not be possible, the lessor shall give the lessee the following options: either the lessor shall deliver a vessel of a lower category (with a resulting refund of the difference proportional to the rental price), or the lessor shall refund the portion of the rental fee paid up to that moment, or the lessor shall refund a prorated amount for each delay period of 12 complete hours.

11.- Administrative Retention (Seizure and Confiscation).

Negligence or improper use of the vessel on the part of the lessee while violating valid laws shall constitute sufficient reason for immediate termination of the contract, whereby the paid amount shall remain in the lessor’s possession without refund entitlement on the part of the lessee. In case of a violation of customs regulations or of any other administrative rules on the part of the lessee, he shall be responsible for all resulting fines, sanctions or liabilities, as well as for all its consequences. In case of seizure of the vessel, to compensate for the resulting damages and impairments, the lessee shall pay the lessor an amount corresponding to double the daily rental price for each day it takes until the vessel is returned and delivery takes place. In case of confiscation, the client shall pay the total amount corresponding to the value of the vessel within eight days. In either case the lessee shall lose the amount he has already paid to the lessor.

12.- Damages, Accidents, Breakdowns.

If any damage occurs during the period of the charter, the lessee is obliged to communicate all damages to the lessor and follow any instruction given by the lessor. Falinig to do so the lessor could charge the lesse the cost of damages and losses due to the negligence. 

At the moment of an accident or damage the lessee shall take the following measures:
a) Not acknowledge responsibility for the events or prejudice the case, except through the “Amicable Accident Declaration”.
b) Obtain complete data from the opposing party, fill in the form “Amicable Accident Declaration” or “Claim Party” as proof, which the lessee shall send urgently to the lessor along with the details of the accident, whereby in case of a severe accident the lessee shall notify the lessor by telephone.
c) Immediately inform the authorities in case the opposing party is guilty.
d) Not to leave the vessel without having taken the appropriate measures in order to protect and safeguard it.
In case of non-compliance with any of these measures on the part of the lessee, the lessor may claim damages or prejudice resulting from negligence.
The lessee is bound to communicate to the lessor any contact of the vessel with the sea floor in order to determine the consequences of said contact and to avoid putting subsequent crews at risk.
The lessor shall not be responsible for any flaws or damage caused by other vessels, nor by collisions with sandbanks or shallow waters. The lessee is expected to study the cruise area in advance and take the appropriate precautions.
In case a repair needs to be made, the lessee shall first consult with the lessor on the matter and request approval of the respective quotes for repairing the damage. Moreover, the lessee shall keep all invoices and receipts in order to submit these for payment to the lessor, as long as the damage is not due to the lessee’s misuse or negligence. 

Damage resulting from negligence, ineptitude or misuse of the vessel by the lessee shall be paid by him in total if such damages can be objectively attributed to the lesse, and the lessor shall consider the present contract void and reserve the right to pursue legal action for damages and impairments which may have resulted from the incident. 

13.- Theft.
In case of theft of the vessel the lessee shall report the incident to the competent authority and exhibit proof of the report to the lessor. 

14.- Cancellation Policy.
The lessee may unilaterally withdraw from the contract with a penalty of the 20% of the rental fee, if the decision is taken with MORE THAN ten (+10) weeks before the planned vessel delivery date. If the decision is taken by the lessee between ten (10) and eight (8) weeks before the date of the vessel delivery, the lessor reserves the right to charge 40% of the rental fee; if the cancellation takes place between eight (8) and  four (4) weeks before the date, the lessor shall charge 50% of the rental fee; if the cancellation takes place between four (4) and two (2) weeks before the date, the lessor shall charge 80% of the rental fee; if the lessee cancels less than two (-2) weeks before the date, the lessor shall charge 100% of the amount of the charter reservation.
Should it be impossible to deliver any of the services under the agreed conditions, the company shall offer the user the possibility to opt for the refund of the total amount already paid, without requesting nor claiming under any circumstances an appendix to the contract in which the introduced changes and their repercussions on the price might be specified. 

15.- Insurance.
The insurance of the vessel includes limited coverage of persons, and it does not cover accidents occurring outside the vessel, nor any loss or damage which may occur to the personal belongings of the lessee, crew or guests on board of the vessel. The lessee explicitly acknowledges that the insurance policy does not cover possible damage to the sails resulting from misuse, whereby the lessee accepts the responsibility for the payment of any damage caused to them. Said payment shall be charged to the safety deposit. 

16.- Safety Deposit.
On the day of embarkation the lessee shall pay the lessor the safety deposit indicated in the special conditions, by which he will be liable for cancellations, breakdowns, damages and impairments of the vessel, or for delays in returning the vessel, differences in the inventory or equipment, for compensation for damages, misuse, negligence and penalties of any kind agreed in the present contract which may arise as a consequence of non-compliance by the lessee. All this applies without prejudice to the legal action which may ensue in order to claim damages exceeding the amount covered by the safety deposit. 

After returning the vessel within the agreed terms, completing the check-out in mutual agreement and after all duties ensuing as a consequence of what has been agreed in the present contract have been discharged by the lessee, the safety deposit shall be refunded as part of the check-out not before 24h. Should discrepancies arise between the parties concerning the conditions of the return of the vessel or the inventoried items, the safety deposit shall be refunded as soon as the ensued dispute has been resolved.
In the case there are damages the safety deposit shall be debited till there is reparation budget.

In case the client need an acces card to the base marina facilites a deposit of ____€ will be made in cash, that will be returned at the return of the acces card.

17.-Contract for Insurance Franchise Cover

The tenant may sign the "Contract of Insurance Franchise Cover" whose amount will be reflected on the invoice. Once hired, the lessee shall have full coverage for all damages he may cause on the leased vessel, unless those resulting form negligence or made on purpose.
In this case the tenant makes a reduced deposit only for coverage of fuel, loss or breakage of elements not fixed from the boat and breakage of the sails.

Client signature:



I accept the conditions of the Contract for Insurance Franchise Cover.

18- Data protection.

BE CHARTER BOATS, S.L. we are an entity committed to the correct processing of personal data as established in the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (RGPD) and in Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (LOPDGDD). In compliance with the provisions of articles 13 and 14 of the RGPD and article 11 of the LOPDGDD we inform you of the following data:
Responsible for the treatment: BE CHARTER BOATS, S.L., B55566707, C/ GIL VERNET, 35, POL. IND. LES TAPIES, 1 - 43890 - HOSPITALET DE L'INFANT (TARRAGONA), 932216306,
Purpose of the treatment: Everything related to the management of the rental of the boat, for accounting, fiscal and administrative management. If you authorize us, to keep you informed about our products and services.
Conservation: The personal data provided will be kept as long as the deletion is not requested by the interested parts and for the time necessary to comply with legal obligations.
Recipients: Where applicable, collaborators and service providers.
Legitimation: Your data will be processed based on your consent and / or by the execution of a contract or service.
Rights: We inform you of the possibility of exercising the following rights over your personal data by going to our fiscal address or through email, having to duly identify and clearly request the right to exercise: right of access, rectification, deletion or oblivion, limitation, opposition, portability and not be subject to automated individual decisions. You can also withdraw the consent given. In addition, you can contact the competent Data Protection Control Authority for additional information or to lodge a complaint.
We inform you that your data will be incorporated into a treatment of which the person responsible for the treatment is the owner.
The undersigned person declares that the data provided are true and correct, exonerating the person responsible for any falsehood, and undertakes to keep them updated.

19- Grievances.

Any grievance that the lessee may wish to bring forward shall be submitted by the lessee in writing upon returning the vessel at the end of the contract term. Should it not be possible to do so in writing at that moment, the lessee shall communicate this verbally to the lessor and shall have fifteen days to submit his written complaint.

20.- Law and Jurisdiction. Express Legal Jurisdiction.


The present contract is subject to Spanish law. All disputed questions or differences which may arise in the execution, modification, cancellation and effects of the present contract shall be resolved by the courts of the city of Reus, to whose jurisdiction the parties expressly submit. 


21.- Any discrepancy between the contract in any language and Spanish the latter will prevail.


Summary of penalties
- Penalty for delay: € 120 per hour
- Penalty for not cleaning kitchenware: € 60
- Penalty for not full refueling: € 120 + fuel
- Penalty for not reporting a breakage: loss of the deposit





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